6 skills to learn this year

6 skills to learn this year

As the time change, the need changes. Today we do not need typewriters or typists anymore because everyone can type write now. Similarly, today, in this century in 2019, we need youth to learn different skills which  is needed by the world the most that can let them to engage in team activities in Dubai and control the pace of the globe.

There are so may skills to earn but some of them are:

  1. Event management: Event management companies are always earning a lot of money. They arrange family events and formal events as well. It is event companies that arrange and decorate rooms and halls for weddings and seminars.  It is affordable and easy to learn. So,  if you love to explore different places to work, then event management is made for you. You can even search about event management Dubai to see if you have interest or not.
  2. Coding: Coding gas great demand nowadays because of increasing usage of technology. It is somehow difficult to learn but if you have interest , then nothing is difficult. You can learn any language according to feasibility but Javascript and c++ are languages fir beginners to learn.
  3. Accounting: Accountants are needed the most because the start-ups are opening every other day and there is need of a person who can manage all finance stuff. You can either do diploma in accounting or you can do bachelor’s in business to become beneficial for all companies.
  4. Marketer: The world is hub of advertisements. Therefore,  there is need of marketers who can promote every new product coming in market easily that make consumers to buy it and use it.
  5. Writer: content and creative writers are needed the most to start and promote the product at pace by using the skills of storytelling and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which help them to write eye gluing content that have certain words of any company to market the product. To be a writer,  you need to learn to write. You can do few courses of story telling and SEO.

Nursing or caretaker: There are mostly adults right now in the world and adults are always in need of care and affection.  So,  if you are in need of work,  then do a course of nursing or care taking and become regular nurse of an adult.

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