The Deals Hotels Can Offer to Customers

The Deals Hotels Can Offer to Customers

Incentives are a key element in attracting a customer. If you can offer incentives like outdoor activities for free, extended stay discounts, or even airline perks, you should do so. It would help if you also offered some special offers to make the customers even more inclined to book their rooms at your hotel. However, make sure you keep the terms of these offers and promotions simple and understandable. Once you understand the rules of such offers, you can start implementing them right away. If you are looking for the best hotel deals in Fujairah, this guide can help you make a better decision.

Promoting airline perks

Several hotel brands have joined forces with airlines to offer their customers perks. These joint promotions are easy to implement and make customers feel appreciated. Airlines have been focusing on ticket sales as their main revenue stream for the last decade, but their ancillary revenues have soared. According to a report, ancillary airline revenue would reach AED 109 billion by 2019. This increase was five times the amount of ancillary airline revenue in 2010! This success is because airlines know their customers and actively market services that will enhance their customers’ experience. Hotel brands can follow the lead of airlines by offering similar perks.

Promoting extended stay discounts

For those customers who prefer long-term stays over short ones, the promotion of extended stay rates can be a great option. In addition to providing discounts, extended stay hotels can also offer loyalty rewards points and a free rewards program known as Extended Perks. They also offer additional savings, such as up to AED 2,500 a year, for those who qualify for the veterans’ advantage discounted stay. Moreover, extended stay hotels can attract corporate customers as well.

Promoting special offers

Promoting special offers for customers can be an effective way to get more repeat business from loyal customers. In addition to offering customers discounts and gifts, retailers can also make promotions more relevant to their unique customer demographics. Customers appreciated this promotion because it took advantage of an unofficial holiday to drive more business.

Companies known for offering low-cost products can use BOGOF offers as they are more effective than 50% off. However, if your products are high priced and the higher incentives, these offers can be even more effective.

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