Different types of houses

Home is where the comfort is. It is certainly true and this is why we look for comfort in the place where we know we are meant to be like our own personal house. But when it comes to finding a house for comfort, we are often conflicted between the different options we have and this leaves us bewildered. Well, not anymore as we have compiled a list of different types of houses and what kind of amenities you can enjoy with it.

  • Penthouse

Penthouse is probably one of the top picks as people get to enjoy the high rise views of the city while living in an apartment and not needing to pay extra for a free garden space. You can have the utmost privacy in a penthouse while still being part of the bustling flat neighbours. Modern penthouse interior design is made to fit all your needs and luxuries.

  • Duplex

If you are in search of a house that would accommodate all your needs but at the same time you know that a huge house is not what you need then a duplex is the perfect option. It divides a single floor plan in two different houses with all amenities that any person or family would require for living. They are independent houses in a same apartment.

  • Villa

Villas are what you are looking for in a house. It’s a complete package which comprises a lawn and a garden, garage and a patio, swimming pool and a terrace everything packed in one. Residential interior design companies in Dubai have truly outdone themselves in making a villa stand out from others by adding the perfect interiors and to enhance the look of the place by mixing modern and uniqueness in one. Villas also offer a huge space than any other types of house and is perfect for a big happy family to fit in.

  • Apartment

They are the most basic type of house to opt for which might be the perfect option for some of you. Apartments are usually a single house located on each floor. They have all the amenities to fit in and several perks for you to enjoy. Apartments are a complex that tries to include different activities for its occupants such as gymnasium, kid’s play area, and club house, gardens and etc.