Next to be tapped: Stone Cool Shit, Prairie Artisan Bomb!, Darkhorse Crooked Tree Apollo, Three Floyd’s Gumball Head. Something you like not on the menu tell John. Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @CopperstillKB to be kept up to date on new tapings.

***   Bomber

$10 penalty for asking for Budweiser or Bud Lite.

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DISCLAIMER: Please choose wisely. The beer gods do not take any of these wonderful beers back if you don’t like them. And by the way, this beer list is full of quality beer, I tested it all myself before it makes it on here. Consequently, good beer is more expensive than the beer the Illuminati want you to drink because it is real. So if you are ordering something you have never had before and you are a cheap skate, please ask the server what the price is before bitchin about the price. My beer is fairly priced and if you don’t believe me do your research on the market like I have.

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